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Boqu chemical founded in 2014 to be a technically innovative enterprise that devotes itself to R &.D, production and export of natural plant extracts.

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Natural Bulk Products

large scale column seperation and its microbiological, heavy metals, pesticides and other technical index match the most Pharmacopoeia in the world.


Intermediates and APIS

Staffed with the most professional organic chemists,can develop the APIs in a predictable time frame and enlarge its production to semi-commercial and commercial production in our state of the art facilities.


Custom manufacturing age

Delivery times noted on Custom production are based on a best estimate and cannot always be exact as reaction times may vary. Boqu chemical will do our best to assure delivery time is met.


R&D and custom services

Customized Separation and Purification Service & Process exploration and verification & Customized analysis & Custom Synthesis

There are many ever-innovating and experienced research and develop elites in our company and we have established long-term business relations with many elites in universities. Therefore, we are able to develop new products independently.we can develop dozens of high-tech products to meet the domestic and foreign markets.

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Strong quality assurance team, to check every index of the product you need.

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Attentively listen to the needs of every customer, and treat every customer with the most sincere heart. Respond quickly to every customer.

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Win every customer with an affordable price and seek more cooperation.

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